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VOUVRAY Demi Sec (Half dry)


Dry white wine
Grape variety: 100% Chenin Blanc
Residual sugar: 20g/l
Available vintage: 2009/2010
Production: depending on the vintage


The vineyard is oriented South, on the side of the Loire river, which confers a micro climat to that vineyard.
The soil is clay-siliceous which is very interesting for the vineyard, with flint stones

Vouvray demi sec


As soon as grapes are harvested, a soft pressing is done and the collected juice is stored in steel tanks at a low temperature for 24 hours. Then the juice is transferred into an other steel tank where the alcoholic fermentation starts. It is a slow process due to the fact that the temperature is controlled to extract all the aromas.
Fines lees are slowly going down and the wine is kept on it till the bottling in May the year after.
This method is new and few wine makers are operating like this with Chenin Blanc grape variety. The lees are giving more fat and more aromas to the wine. The minerality is still here but re-enforced by aromas of white flowers, pear and citrus.
For the demi sec Vouvray the alcoholic fermentation is blocked in order to keep a natural sweetness.


Colour: pale yellow color which will become more golden with the time
Nose of Chenin, citrus, apple with white flowers, minerality (flint). Honey aromas too.
Mouth : Acidity and fruits aromas are very well balanced. The sweetness is not too present and the acidity makes it not too heavy. Once again flint aromas.


Perfect wine with spicy dishes, chicken sautés or sea food sautés.
Also with a nice foie Gras.

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